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Jeff Jordan

About Me

Mr. Jordan is in his 14 year as a technology coordinator and his 13 year at Ferry Pass Elementary School.  He earned his Associates degree from Pensacola Junior College, a Bachelors degree from Louisiana State University and a Masters degree from University of West Florida.  He spends most of his school time answering teacher help requests for malfunctioning technology, but also spends time maintaining the school website and providing technology professional development to the teachers.  In addition, he's the school's Focus Gradebook administrator, one of two teacher leaders for the Escambia Educator Evaluation team at Ferry Pass, on the data power team, the school's leadership team, and one of two Renaissance Place adminstrators. He owns his own audio recording business and, when not busy with school or his audio business, he enjoys working out, watching football or Neflix.

Jeff Jordan Locker
12/9/11 7:07 AM