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Front Office Staff

These hard working staff members keep our school running:

Katrina Robinson - Secretary/Bookkeeper

Barbara Martensen - Front Office Clerk

Carol Harris - Parent Educator


These hard working staff members ensure our students get healthy, nutritious meals every school day.

Charlie Weaver - Manager

Erika Ratcliffe

Hazel Smith

Yvette McCants

Sylvia Weatherspoon

Frances Moorer

Professional staff

These hard working visiting professionals help our students:

Michelle Hasemeyer - School Psychologist

Deborah Cook - Overlay Counselor

Terri Russell - Staffing Specialist

Willie Hunter - Social Worker

Jennifer Jackson - Occupational Therapist

Robin Griffis - ESOL

Lisa Emerson - Physical Therapist

Teacher Assistants

These hard working teacher assistants help the students and teachers:

Alice Brown - Assists ESE Inclusion classes

Kathleen Godwin - Assists Ms. York

Linda Goethe - Assists ESE Inclusion classes

Devin Platt - Media Clerk

Lucy Nunn - Assists Classroom Teachers

Glenis Smith - Assist Classroom Teachers


These hard working custodians help keep our school neat and clean:

Annie George

Mary Carreon