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ECPS Teacher Attending STEAM in the Park 2022
Posted 8/11/22

Escambia County Public Schools (ECPS) teacher Deanna Neal has been awarded the opportunity to attend STEAM in the Park 2022.


STEAM in the Park brings educators from around the country together to connect, collaborate, and create content. These four or five-day events will happen each summer at different National Park Sites.  In 2022, the group is hosting eight events at various National Parks.


 Each camp includes a look at a global challenge faced by national parks in the US.  This initiative is built on the premise that outdoor experiences help students increase their understanding of natural and human communities and leads to a sense of place.  Students are able to develop stronger environmental awareness and a deeper understanding of their civic responsibilities.


STEAM in the Park seeks to provide outdoor learning experiences to support educators.  Learning outside the classroom can help teachers foster enthusiasm for learning, provide a real-world context and expose students to a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers.


A K-5 Gifted Education teacher, Mrs. Neal pulls gifted and high-achieving students to provide project-based learning activities inspired by student interests.  Favorite topics include art, geography, all things science, and learning about new cultures.


For more information about STEAM in the Park, please visit