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Sue York


All students benefit from extra learning activities.  There are many ways to include activities at home.  These activities can be a positive experience for both parent and child.  Take a look at a few suggestions:


  • Set aside a regularly scheduled time of day.  Keep the time short.  It is better to practice for 10 minutes daily than an hour once a week.


  • Sneak in extra practice whenever you can.  Time in the car or when waiting for an appointment is a great time to practice.  


  • Use real life opportunities as they occur.  Cooking is a wonderful way. It involves both reading and math.   Have your child write thank you notes, grocery list or even a quick note to remind you about an important upcoming event.  Your child can read road signs when traveling or directions when putting together a new item.   Counting your change and keeping track of the time for a favorite TV show or event are both simple ways to practice important math skills. 


  • Of course, games are a favorite of everyone.  Board games are always fun and a great way to spend quality family time.  Also,I am including links to several websites that provide extra practice in many areas.  These websites are safe, child friendly and fun to use. 


Helping your child learn at home shows that you place a high value on learning.  You will be surprised at the progress that will be made with only a small investment of time.   

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