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Patricia Rockwell

Welcome to Ms. Rockwell's page
About Me

My name is Trish Rockwell.  I have had the amazing privilege of being a teacher for 28 years.  I have taught students with special needs in grades K through 8th grade. 

I was born in Pensacola and can not imagine living anywhere else.  I graduated from Flagler College and am currently taking classes at University of West Florida to earn my master's degree.  I have two adult children.  Kaitlynn is 23 and a nurse.  Billy is 26 and a truck driver.  

I love to travel, especially to the mountains.  I enjoy hiking, gardening, and reading.  


Words with more than two vowels, or need to be split.

Multi-syllabic words with more than one split

A class example.

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Ms. Rockwell


phone: 850-494-5605

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